Welcome to Koottjing Light Language Healing & Coaching

Light Language is your Higher Self passing through me. Without any earthly boundaries, with the Soul purpose of healing and coaching you - SPOT ON!
This is instant release and LIFE CHANGING!
It is miraculous - every time

How does Light Language Healing work:

Just in case1) €425.= for 5 sessions prepaid or a single session € 111.=
     a. After payment received we can connect
2) You contact me through Skype/WhatsApp/Messenger
3) We talk shortly to find the resonance
4) Light Language Healing will transfer through me from the Universe/Spirits
5) I will explain what has been brought to you in the ratio world and in
       the spiritual world
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Experience showed that issues/items always are clustered and need to be treated in such way. Therefor this healing will always be done in a sequel of 5 sessions! One session differs in time from 10 minutes till 1 hour. Contact me:

Robert van Kooten

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Bess You!