Experiences with koottjing

  Name:  Vanessa         Date: 26-06-2021

My experiences with koottjing Light Language Healing.

  Highly recommend Robert healing session ' for shifting deep core wound.
  The inner child healing is very powerful - the whole sessions is fantastic with
  different key codes

  Thank you Robert

  Name:  Annemarie       Date: 26-06-2021

My experiences with koottjing Light Language Healing.

  Ah yes, I finally figured that out ~ that was MAGNIFICENT ~ I really love those 2   ladies ~ wish I was a part of it I'd really love to have more sessions with you
  as I feel a strong connection with you ~ always have.

  And watching these 2 incredible ladies (Thank you Ladies for sharing)...
  is helping me more than any of you could possibly know ~ what a blessing you
  ALL are ~ if anyone is reading my comment ~ I totally recommend Robert as
  your " Go To " person, as his connection and delivery is accurate, speedy,
  and intense ~ he covers ALL avenues and doesn't miss a beat, his ability to
  tap in to your immediate needs is spot on every time... I recommend you
  check him out now, before he becomes too popular.

  From the heart